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connete Dog Collar for Large Dogs, Citronella Dog Bark Collar wi


connete Dog Collar for Large Dogs, Citronella Dog Bark Collar wi


Product Description

1. 520 Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote1. 520 Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote

Safe amp; Effective amp; Humane Dog Bark Collar

Unlike other electric shock collars, our citronella spray collar is extremely safe, effective and humane!

When your dog exhibits bad behaviors, such as eating unsafe food, barking casually, digging holes, biting sofa shoes, etc. You can control by remote control to let the collar release citronella spray, vibration and beep to stop the bad behavior.

Please note: The product does not have an automatic mode and can only be controlled by the remote control. So it can 100% avoid the "false-sprays" common in automatic spray designs.

Citronella spray collar with remote control

2. Remote Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote2. Remote Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote

How to pair the Remote and the Collar together? And connect the remote control to control 2 collars at the same time?

(The original collars are factory paired with remote and do not need to be re-paired.)

  1. Use the 1/2 switch on the Remote to select Dog 1.
  2. With the Remote turned on and the Receiver Collar turned off, press and hold the ON/OFF Button on the Receiver Collar for 4-5 seconds.
  3. The receiver’s Red amp; Green LED will blink for about 10 seconds indicating that it is ready for pairing.
  4. Press and hold the remote’s Tone Button and Vibration Button at the same time for 2-3 seconds, the Green Led on the Receiver Collar will blink for 5 times indicating successful pairing.

Pairing a Second Collar with the Remote

Use the 1/2 Button on the Remote to select Dog 2. Then follow the above pairing steps from 2-4.


LCD Display

The remote with LED Display which can show remote power, dog 1/dog 2, Spray Level and beep/spray/vibration icon.


984FT Remote Control Distance

Remote Range up to 984 ft / 328 yards.

According to the use environment, the actual controllable distance will be affected by obstacles.


IPX5 Waterproof Collar

The collar is IPX5 waterproof design, suitable for daily life, like light rainy weather or wet grass exposure, but not suitable for heavy raining ,swimming, bathing, playing with water,or soak in water.

The remote control is not waterproof.


Needs to be charged in the following situations:

  1. The indicator light on the Receiver Collar is emitting a red color every 4 seconds or flashes rapidly.
  2. The 3 bar indicator on the Remote LCD shows just 1 bar.
  3. The indicator light on the Remote or Receiver Collar will not come on.
  4. The indicator light on the Remote or Receiver Collar comes on momentarily when any of the Mode Buttons is pressed.

LCD Display


984FT Control Distance


IPX5 Waterproof


Fast Charging

3.520 Strap Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote3.520 Strap Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote

One collar with 2 adjustable straps

You can adjust the currently connected collar through the side buttons. When you adjust, the LCD display will also display Dog 1 or Dog 2 simultaneously, indicating the currently connected collar.


  1. The product does not have an automatic mode and can only be controlled by the remote control.
  2. This product has only 1 receiver. If you want to use two collars at the same time, you can see the other product at page bottom.
  3. Do not use for an aggressive dog, long nose/neck dogs, smelling impaired dogs.
  4. Do does not use the collar on a dog under 6 months old or 8lb.
  5. For Long-haired dogs, please trim the neck hairs along the path of the spray.
5. Remote Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote 25. Remote Top Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote 2

Can adjust the Beep sound level, vibration level and spray level?

  1. The Beep sound level and vibration level are not adjustable.
  2. The spray level can be adjusted to 3 levels: Once/Twice/Three times sprays. Each time the “spraying adjustment button" is pushed, a spray level is adjusted upward or downward.

For example: the current spray level is 1, click up, the level becomes 2, and click up again, the level becomes 3.

2021 Update Features--Different mode, different LED color light, avoid accidental spray.

Each function button corresponds to a different color, which can better distinguish the function. When the button is pressed, the remote control and the receiving collar will display the corresponding color.


Why the collar does not spray?

(1). The collar will not work automatically, you need to press the remote button to make it work. Please connect the remote control correctly.

(2). If the other buttons of the remote control can be used normally, only the spray button cannot be used. Maybe the collar lacks citronella spray (Contain 1*citronella spray at the package), please fill the citronella spray correctly before use each time.

(3). If all buttons do not work, the collar or remote control needs to be charged, please charge the device immediately when the battery is low.

(4). If none of the above can be solved, maybe the Spray nozzle is blocked. Please try to use a needle or slender things to poke the spray port with a needle, and wipe it with a dry cloth to make it clear.

(5). If it still can't be solved, please tell us for help. We have a professional after-sales team to serve you at any time.

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520 521 A+ DM02 Black DM02 A+ 511 White Refill Can
Modes Spray amp; Vibration amp; Beep Spray amp; Vibration amp; Beep Spray Spray Spray
Strap Number 2 2 2 2 1
Receiver Number 1 2 1 1 1
Remote Control ✓ ✓
Control Range 984ft 984ft
Rechargeable ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Citronella Refill 1 Can 1 Can 1 Can 1 Can 1 Can
Dog Whistle ✓

connete Dog Collar for Large Dogs, Citronella Dog Bark Collar wi

  • We have added perfect bound booklets for customization on 2 popular card sizes, tarot card size and double poker size. Up to 192 pages with colored or black and white page printing. Choose from glossy or matte finishing for the cover. No minimum perfect bound booklets.
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You can create your card designs in seconds with our revolutionary and user-friendly online card maker and have your customized cards delivered direct to your door in less than a week, whether you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe or anywhere else in the world, we will deliver straight to you or your customers. With smart technology built into our online system, you can ensure your DIY playing card designs are nothing less than perfect. Our online maker is smart enough to guide you through image resolution requirements, positioning, and identify possible printing issues. No downloads needed.

This is how easy it is to create your deck of cards:

  1. Choose the card size that you want to customize

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Online card designer, drag and drop image files to create your deck
Online real-time preview, so you can double check your work before order

We deliver worldwide and all printing and production are done inhouse and undergo strict quality control.

Renowned specialist in customized playing cards and game cards

We cater for any industry that requires high quality playing cards. Our customer base ranges from tabletop games industry, educational sectors, retail and resellers, hospitality services, professional services, corporate marketing and more. The list is endless but they all have one thing in common and that is the requirement for high quality customized playing cards, a professional hassle-free service with a super quick turnaround time. See below for samples.

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With over 35 years in the tabletop games manufacturing industry serving more than 35,000 customers worldwide in the last year alone, our professional playing cards and game cards, fast turnaround and flexible services continue to prove itself popular among a wide range of industries. We have many standard card sizes available which you can customize the face and back of. We also stock blank game cards which are great for prototyping on before moving onto print runs. Our manufacturing processes have been fine-tuned over the last 35 years as well as being environmentally friendly, as going green is one of our top operational priorities. We are constantly adding to our growing range of card stock to meet market demands including 100% plastic playing cards, the highly sought after MPC's Linen Air (Master quality finish) and the Linen Air Light (Supreme quality finish).

What's more, our materials and production processes meet global conservation and quality standards. Our use of cutting edge printing technology puts us way ahead of the competition with no minimum order required on our huge range of standard size items i.e. you can order 1 custom deck to tens of thousands of decks as you need.

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About MPC is a constantly evolving professional playing cards and game cards company since 1982, and has become one of the leading playing cards and games manufacturer of the world. We produce professional decks of cards without the traditional design and consultation fees. Our huge investments in building a very versatile, flexible and easy to use online platform in addition to incorportating state of the art technology and machinery, coupled with our vast experience in this industry and understanding of the market, puts us ahead of our competitition, not only on our capabilities but also our continuous push to setting new higher standards. Our streamlined online cards maker with our manufacturing and production processes makes the turnaround time very fast, efficient, reduces chances of errors happening and is very cost-effective hence the lower pricing for you. Our easy to use online platform enables you to customize your playing cards or game cards with your artwork files, choose from different card stocks such as linen or smooth, black core, paper or plastic, different card sizes, finishing and box packaging options as well some special production methods such as foiling, gilded edges, embossed box, spot UV just to name a few. Our fully built-in real-time online preview functionality gives you even more control, allowing you to quickly create professional custom playing card designs the way you want them.

When it comes to quality, we come second to none. Whether you're in the tabletop games industry needing a supplier to print custom made playing cards, in retail to sell your own designs of cards or just looking to increase brand awareness with logo playing cards, we can do it for you! MPC has attained high levels of operation with accreditations with many globally recognized standards organizations, so you can be certain, you're getting your cards made with a very responsible and trusted manufacturer.

Waterproof playing cards, now on Kickstarter

A plastic transparent deck of cards for the beach, the pool or the bar.


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If you have an enquiry on making your cards, we're here to help. Contact us here »

Other needs?
Are you developing a game? We also do complete custom decks (e.g. card sizes, hot & foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc) and VICI Battery VB18-12 - 12V 18AH Replacement for AJC Replacement. Chances are, if you need it, we can do it! Speak to our team today!

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Customer Testimonials

"I ordered some customized game cards for game my friends and I developed. I was very happy with how they turned out. The cards were of varying sizes and design, but all excellent quality. Designed, created and delivered (to Canada) all in a matter of weeks."
Richard, Toronto Canada
"Excellent customer service provided (by Chuck) guiding a total novice through a process which could get technical at times. Timely and helpful responses were invaluable. Will defiantly be ordering all future products through MPC and be recommending to all my gaming friends "
Stuart Newlands, Aberdeen Scotland
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